HEY GUYS!! like the new header??I got soul silver, but PikachuPrincess and I were on for hours trying to get this.Lolz. So yeah, hope you like it!

Also,  A very happy birthday wish to Luara!!!!! or Cinnamonham,she may have quit, but its still her birthday 😛   www.cinnamonham.wordpress.com



~Kittycream~  or (Savannah)


I just wanted to say happy birthday to the bestest littlest sister ever! Marysol! My baby turned 3! wow, thats amazing

Well, plz wish her a happy birthday =)

It was yesterday.lolz




ITS ME SAVVY!! woot woot!

I know how much you guys have missed me, and Im so so so so

TIMES ONE MILLION, sorry that couldnt update for so long. well

Soon, Ill post a photography tutorial or something else thats inetersing

Lol. cyaa!

savvys gone 4 a week

hey peeps having fun over the hoilidays? I AM SO savvy is foing to be gone 4 a week =( i know its sooo sad 😥 soo u guys are probly wondering y? WELL ILL TELL U Y! next door (savvys home) IS doing renivations  so they r like KNOCKING DOWN THE WALLS … LITERLY so i took the liberty to tell u about savvys absentce she is staying at her moms friends condo for a week and will be back shortly =D so lets try to behave ok? and dont make cows cry or they will be squirrls and they will over load your computer and let milk spil on your flowers that will die because the dont like milk so the dead lowers look bad so youlll have to find a way to get the flowers out of your house with out the dog noiticing or theyll be sick and run away and become goats and they will fly to the moon and meet hair ans will live verry sadly forever so U MUSENT MAKE COWS CRY!! hehe =D


KB here

I have never posted on this blog, I forgot I was apart of it… so HEY!!!! SUP YOU GUYS!!! 😆

A message from KB

Hi guys! KB the sponsor here!

Kittycream, here is the sponsor ad. Please put this on your widget. Here is the HTML

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Cute =P

hey guys, just thought this was cutee =p